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Reading is such an important part of a child’s development and it is never too early to start! For this reason BABY CENTRAL MALAYSIA offers a range of reading materials for young children, as well as parents. Creating a library of books for your child is one of the best gifts you can offer.


Educators and specialists often recommend reading to your children from a very early age as it encourages cognitive development, improved language skills, improved imagination and creativity and not to mention the bond building between the caregiver and child.


Our selection of books for babies is designed to provide your little one with the perfect introduction to the world of reading. From colorful board books with simple illustrations and text to more complex stories with interactive elements, we have something for every age and stage of development. Many of these books are made with durable materials and are perfect for reading aloud or for your child to explore on their own.  This collection includes classic tales and beloved characters as well as seasonal favorites, making it easy to find the perfect book to spark your baby's love of reading. 


As a one-stop shop, BABY CENTRAL MALAYSIA also offers books to support mum and dad on their parenting journey – from pregnancy to weaning – and all  include RELIABLE shipping to Malaysia.